Horses for sale

If you are interested in one of our horses for sale, do not hesitate.

Write to us for more information :-)

We're happy to show off our horses, but to make sure we're home, please call and make an appointment with us.

Price groups (incl. VAT):

A: 0 - 2,800 EURO

B: 2,801 - 4,100 EURO

C: 4,101-5,400 EURO

D: 5,401 - 6,750 euros

E: more than 6,750 EURO

Come, experience our beautiful island and maybe there is a horse here for you.

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Ísalín fra Munkhøj - DK2021200072

f:Trostan fra Midtgaard - m: Dís frá Storu-Ásgeirsá

- mf: Blær frá Ási

Big, beautiful five-gaited mare - Ísalín spent the summer of 2022 with 20 other mares.

She is already over 140 cm tall.

Price Group D

Vindfari fra Munkhøj - DK2021100115

f: Pjakkur fra Vesterlyng - m: Gjöf fra Munkhøj

- mf: Merkúr frá Miðsitju

A beautiful stallion born in May 2021.

Chestnut with a star and light mane and tail - 5-gaited.

Vindfari is currently living a nice life on a beautiful, hilly and large area with other young horses in Skåne, Sweden.

The picture was taken when he arrived in Sweden in the spring.

Price Group B