Horses for sale

If you are interested in one of our horses for sale, do not hesitate.

Write to us for more information :-)

We're happy to show off our horses, but to make sure we're home, please call and make an appointment with us.

Price groups (incl. VAT):

A: 0 - 2,800 EURO

B: 2,801 - 4,100 EURO

C: 4,101-5,400 EURO

D: 5,401 - 6,750 euros

E: more than 6,750 EURO

Come, experience our beautiful island and maybe there is a horse here for you.

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Ísalín fra Munkhøj - DK2021200072

f:Trostan fra Midtgaard - m: Dís frá Storu-Ásgeirsá

- mf: Blær frá Ási

Big, beautiful five-gaited mare - Ísalín spent the summer of 2022 with 20 other mares.

She is already over 140 cm tall.

Price Group D

Vindfari fra Munkhøj - DK2021100115

f: Pjakkur fra Vesterlyng - m: Gjöf fra Munkhøj

- mf: Merkúr frá Miðsitju

Are you looking for your new best friend?

And would you like him to be the uncomplicated, kind type of guy?

Do you want to educate your next partner for great trips in the forest, and should he have soft movements and plenty of tölt?

Do you like to smile, whenever you are with your horse?

Then Vindfari could be a good choice.

Price Group B